Boom is one angry dude. It doesn’t take much to set off his powder keg of big angry feelings. Boom’s big booming anger seems simple on the surface, but underneath his anger it’s a more complicated story. Boom’s anger is just a mask for the deeper feelings that he struggles with; fear, guilt, shame and hurt. With the help of his Emote friends, Boom practices putting his deeper feelings into words before they become explosive.

Super often assumes the role of “leader”—taking charge and initiating action to help the Emotes reach a goal. The other Emotes look to Super for support and encouragement and see him as a model for strength and initiative. Sometimes Super’s confidence becomes too super and he forgets that he is not perfect and that he cannot do everything or be anything that he wants to be. Super works on learning to listen to the other Emotes and other points of view. He tries to remember that it’s the process of trying that is most important not being the best at everything.

Joi is an explorer, and loves to make new discoveries about the world. Things that may seem small and trivial to others (such as discovering a penny lost in the cushions of the couch) fill Joi with enthusiastic glee. Joi is joyful because of a positive self-image and a positive view of the world. Joi doesn’t just see the proverbial glass as half full, he sees it as overflowing! Joi spreads joy by simply expressing the thrill of being Joi!

Jumpi is constantly scared of what is just around the corner. His body and brain are always on the lookout for danger, and so it’s hard for him to just sit still. He craves a safe space, a spot where he can let down his guard and just be, but the emotional walls that he has built around himself are pretty tall. It’s hard for others to get close to Jumpi because Jumpi is afraid to let anyone come near him and get to know him. His Emote friends remind him that he is good and that they will not stop being his friend no matter how jumpy he might be. They remind him that he has the ability to be brave and strong, and that his courage has been there all along.

Imp is a trickster. He revels in turning the world of the Emotes upside down and forcing his friends to see things in a different light. Imp is constantly playing jokes, and is always looking for new ways to surprise and challenge his Emote friends. This mischievous quality is not necessarily “bad” or “good”, but when mischievousness turns to cruelty or puts others in danger, then this impulse needs to be examined and controlled.

Sometimes Cant gets overwhelmed by his feelings, his very big feelings! Cant tends to try and stuff his feelings deep down inside, trying to ignore them and not feel them. But these feelings always come back up, and usually much bigger than when they started. Cant works to slow his feelings down so that his thoughts can catch up. You can often see Cant taking a few minutes to breathe deeply and count his breaths, slowing down the big feeling train that usually runs through him. Cant sometimes needs to be reminded that it’s okay to feel your feelings, but it’s not okay to use them to hurt the feelings or bodies of others.

Abash is extremely bashful and shy on the outside, but underneath that protective and quiet shell he is one interesting guy! Abash tends to retreat into his own mind, preferring to hide in the shadows and observe what others are doing. But stirring in his belly is the desire to be at the center of attention, to finally show the other Emotes all that he can do. It takes the encouragement and love of his friends to give him the confidence to come out of hiding and let his light finally shine.

Yawni doesn’t seem to have any interest in anything. Nothing seems to keep his attention, and he consistently turns down the invitations of his friends to play. But Yawni’s boredom is built from many different feelings. He often has difficulty deciding what to do and how to spend his energy and focus, and so in response he chooses not to focus or do much at all! It might not always seem like it, but Yawni wants and needs to be challenged. He doesn’t want to be allowed to sit and stare blankly; rather, he wants a jumpstart--a charge of energy to reboot his system. He needs positive encouragement to find his role and his purpose.

Ick often frustrates his Emote friends with his constant rejection of anything and everything. Ick struggles with the fear of trying new things and so to protect himself he rejects everything! Ick’s harsh criticism and judgment of others is really just an expression of his own internal self-doubt and judgment. Ick is the harshest critic towards himself. But with some positive encouragement and empathic understanding, Ick practices being more kind to himself and towards others.

Drain does not take care of his body, which means he does not take care of his mind. Unfortunately, Drain fills himself with junk food and empty calories that don’t provide the fuel that he needs to exercise—and so his physical and emotional tank is usually empty. This emptiness leaves Drain empty of energy and motivation because a tired body creates a tired mind. It is hard to be Drain. There is a part of Drain that knows he should exercise and eat right, but he cannot find the strength to begin this behavior—this makes Drain sad. Because Drain feels bad about his unhealthy habits, it is important that his Emote friends do not make Drain feel ashamed for his behavior, but rather encourage Drain with positive messages and reminders of their friendship.

Mixy often feels all mixed up. His thoughts and feelings become jumbled and tangled and he has a hard time keeping all of them straight. Constantly talking and always armed with a question, Mixy consistently checks in with others to help him remember what it is he should be doing. Mixy works on slowing things down, and being okay with not knowing everything at any given time. He helps his friends to be more comfortable asking questions, and his friends help him to be more comfortable with being silent.

Bubba’s happiness is the result of being able to see the positive side of things. He constantly sees the glass as half full and is able to see the silver lining in every cloud. Bubba also knows that life can be filled with a lot of downers, disappointments, failures, rejections and all kinds of negative things. However, Bubba is able to see that without these downs there could be no ups! Bubba sees life as an adventure that is ultimately rewarding, fun and exciting. Because Bubba is happy with himself, and accepts the ups and downs of life, he is able to make others happy by random acts of kindness, love and encouragement towards others.

Why is constantly asking, “Why?” His curiosity serves him well as the author of books about his friends, but can also get him in trouble when he can’t keep a secret. Why loves to ask questions, but hates not knowing the answers. A very good listener, Why is always asking how everybody else feels or thinks, yet sometimes forgetting to think about his own feelings. His friends help Why to remember that sometimes it’s okay not to know why things the way they are. Why reminds his friends to be curious and to constantly be learning about the world and who they are within it.

Wont is able to see the dark cloud in every silver lining. He refuses to see any glass as half-full, rather choosing to believe that there is a negative aspect to every situation. Wont is constantly followed by a dark cloud of his own making, and it’s up to his Emote friends to bring some sunshine to Wont’s dreary world view. As a composer, Wont creates symphonies of sad songs on his electric violin that make even the cheeriest of Emotes feel like mud. Wont’s challenge is to think more positively and to be hopeful even when it seems that all is lost.

Mine wants to have it all. He is never satisfied with what he has, and is constantly wanting more. It’s hard for Mine to share anything with his friends, because he is afraid that they will somehow get more than him. Mine tries to convince his friends to give him what he wants by using fibs and tricks, but luckily his friends are way too smart to fall for his mind games and can see his envy from a mile away. Mine’s envy comes from low self-esteem and so his challenge is to become more confident about who he is, what he has and what he has to offer to others.

Solo says that he likes being alone, and so he often refuses the invitations from friends to hang out. But underneath his loner persona, Solo wishes that he could form close and long lasting relationships. It’s hard for Solo to believe that he is worthy of friendship. He doesn’t believe that the other Emotes will like him if they get to know him, and so he ends up hiding from others, afraid that they will discover he is unlikable. The thing is, Solo is very likable. If he allowed the Emotes to get to know him, they would discover that he is caring and kind and funny and smart. Solo’s challenge is to believe in himself and to allow others to be his friend.

Amore is overflowing with love and compassion for everyone and everything. Her capacity for kindness makes her the Emote to go to when you are feeling sad and blue. Her Emote friends count on Amore to help them with wounds of the physical or psychological kind. Amore has the ability to heal even the most painful of owies, but her challenge is to ask for help herself. Amore needs to remember that it is okay for her to have wants and needs and that she doesn’t have to take care of everyone else at the expense of neglecting herself.

Grump has moods that swing like a yo-yo, but with emotions quickly moving from annoyed and frustrated to angry and explosive! Famous for his constant complaining and whining, Grump has a hard time connecting with the other Emotes on an emotional level. He is a professional grouch, and his scratchy raspy voice helps him to play the part well. He is a loyal friend, but he expects the other Emotes to listen to him as he rants and raves about the latest bad thing that has happened to him. Fortunately, Grump has friends that help him lighten up, and bring some balance to his often heavy moods.

Will is overflowing with positive thoughts and brings sunshine to even the darkest of situations. Always reframing bad events into possibilities for growth, all the Emotes go to Will when they are feeling stuck or hopeless. With his pair of rose-colored glasses and his powers to make a bright beam of sunshine, Will is able put a smile on the grouchiest of faces. Sometimes a bit too blinded by the light, Will’s challenge is to find balance, remembering that it’s okay to question things and to sometimes just be in a crummy mood.

Odd is not afraid to be Odd. His high level of self-esteem gives him the confidence to say and do exactly what he feels. Sometimes, Odd becomes the target of teasing and taunting, but that’s only when another Emote is feeling scared to do or say what they feel. Odd is a natural entertainer and performer and never misses an opportunity to make someone laugh. Odd dresses how he wants to dress and is not embarrassed or ashamed about how he looks. He is a trickster, helping his Emote friends to look at the world from new and different points of view.

Hype has a very hard time sitting still. He is filled with seemingly endless amounts of energy and he doesn’t know how to control it. Focusing in class or on any given task is a real challenge for Hype, and so he works on concentrating on what is in front of him. Extremely fun at parties, and quite annoying on long bus rides, Hype brings energy to any situation, but can be quite exhausting to be around for too long. Knowing that sugar is frisky fuel for Hype’s endless energy, Hype’s friends remind him to cut down on sugary sweets. They also help him to slow down and remember to channel his energy in productive ways.

Mule’s favorite word is “no” and he says it constantly. He is unwilling to try new things, meet new friends or go to new places, often making it very hard for the other Emotes to hang out with him. With his powers to stop moving objects, and a weird tendency to try and glue everything down, Mule tries to prevent anything from moving or changing. His friends try to help Mule to see things from a different point of view, reminding him that change can be positive and good. But for Mule, change is to be avoided at any cost.

Sob is constantly on the verge of tears and is ready to cry at the slightest hint of disappointment or discomfort. He often takes things very personally and has a hard time getting over his feelings of being criticized or scolded. Sob is good at expressing his feelings and not keeping them all bottled up inside. Sob shows his friends that it is okay to cry and that everyone feels sad sometimes, but sometimes Sobs sobbing is a sign of over-sensitivity. Sob’s challenge is to learn to tolerate the disappointment of things not always going as planned or as hoped.

Woe worries about everything and is constantly fearful of bad things happening to him. He worries when he is asleep and he worries when he is awake. Woe attempts to protect himself from any possible negative event, but no one, not even Woe, has that kind of power. Woe tends to be a bit obsessive and has been known to wash his hands 30 times before feeling that he is free of germs. His Emote friends help Woe to remember that they love him no matter what. They also remind him to take deep breaths and “go to his happy place” when he is feeling scared and all stressed out.