Parenting Related To Social-Emotional Intelligence

From the creator of Emotes – Helen Lau


As parents we are the best people to understand our children. And yet the challenges of each child are different and unique in their own ways; there is not an exact and standard formula to teach them or shape their life experiences. 

During the upbringing of my own two sons, I realized very quickly that fostering emotional intelligence was very important and that it could strongly affect them in academics, character development and social relationships with others. I did have a hard time trying to understand this complicated emotional landscape and so I looked for necessary teaching materials or books to help my own children, but good resources were hard to find! 

In general, I think that in the past the trend for many parents was to only focus on academic achievement, forgetting about the importance of emotional development. My younger son consistently achieved in the 99th percentile academically and performed well in studies, however he was very sensitive and seemed to be more emotional than his elder brother. He was chosen to be in the gifted program when he was in Grade 3, but sometimes his teachers remarked that he wasn’t putting forth his best effort. 

It was hard for me to observe my son who could tackle complex academic problems struggle with significant frustration and get easily and quickly overwhelmed by emotions. In fact, both of my sons were strong in academics, but in terms of emotions, they were so very different from one another. 

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To Be Continued