Emotes/SEL Research

LMU Partnership

• Overall, the use of Emotes resulted in a highly statistically significant increase in ability for boys and girls to identify emotions (P≤ .000).
//use of the Emotes curriculum yielded promising results for children with autism//


• Children with disabilities (ASD, SLD, ADHD) demonstrated moderately to highly statistically significant improvements with identifying emotions (P≤ .000 - .013).
//particularly for boys (P≤.000) than girls (P≤.269)//


• Overall, with the use of Emotes figurines, students yielded highly statistically significant improvements in their abilities to express emotions (P≤ .000).
//again, the children with autism made the most significant improvements compared to SLD and ADHD//


• The use of Emotes figurines yielded the most significant results for children with autism (P≤ .000), compared to other disabilities in the sample (P≤ .023 - .052).
//Preliminary results support the overall effectiveness of the Emotes curriculum on social-emotional learning//


• After the use of the Emotes curriculum, children were better able to offer positive options and solutions regarding their emotions (P≤ .000-.006).
//These are the main significant results that were found.//

Emotes Anecdotes