Emotes Books

Written by Matt Casper, MFT, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the award winning Emotes Book Series is at the heart of the Emotes Program. Each Emotes book revolves around a specific Emotes character and a specific social-emotional challenge. Comprised of picture books, chapter books and comic books, the Emotes Book Series has titles appropriate for a wide range of reading levels.



Picture Books

Titles Topics
Abash and The Cyber-Bully Bullying and Cyber-Bullying
Boom The Anger Tamer Anger and Anger Management
Bubba Under Pressure Happiness and Self-Esteem
Cant Loses His Cool Emotional Expression And “Big Feelings”
Drain and the Mystery of Sleep Healthy Habits and Emotional Awareness
Ick and the Emotastone Accepting and Respecting Differences
Imp and the Fib Invasion Telling the Truth and Effects of Behavior
Joi’s Cybercoaster Adventure Positive Thinking, Hopefulness, Esteem
Jumpi Goes To Camp Fears and Emotional Communication
Mixy’s Quest Confusion and Exploring Feelings
Super and Perfecto Confidence and Increasing Self-Esteem
Yawni and the Perspecto-Goggles Boredom and Flexible Thinking

Picture Book For Younger Readers(Pre-K and up)

Titles Topics
The Friendship Book Building and Maintaining Relationships
You Are Loved Love and Kindness and Empathy
Emotes Big Book Of Feelings Introduction/Explanation of 24 Emotions

Chapter Books

Titles Topics
Woe Is Me:
The Wild Adventures of Woe The Worried
Anxiety and Anxiety Management
Solo And Senex: Friends Forever
An Adventure Story About Death and Loss
Death and Loss
Color Me Odd:
(Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Myself)
Self-Esteem, Acceptance, Bullying
You (Yes, You):
And Emotes Book To Help You Become An Emotional Detective,
An Emotion-Ninja And An Awesome Friend
Empathy, Emotions, Social-Cues
The “D-Bomb” Divorce
The Secret Story of Sob Depressed Mood, Anger, Loss, Bullying, Emotional Awareness, Positive Thinking 
All is Mine! Envy, Greed, Empathy, Emotional Expression, Social Skills
Mindfulness And Mule Mindfulness, Empathy, Friendships and Relationships, Negative/Positive Thinking
The Truth About Amore Academic and Social Pressure, Perfectionism, Emotional Caretaking and Awareness

Comic Books

Four Panel Comics: Story Comics:
Volume 1: How Do You Feel Inside? Emotes Adventure Comics: Volume 1
Volume 2: Wherever You Go… Your Feelings Will Follow