Emotes Program Guide

The Emotes Program Guide is meant to serve as a framework and inspiration when using Emotes characters and their corresponding books, toys and other resources.

Within the easy to use guide is a step-by-step description of various activities and lesson plans that will serve to actively engage children with their emotions and with the Emotes characters.

The Emotes curriculum could be implemented with a variety of timeframes; from a comprehensive 12-24 week course to a series of individual lessons used whenever appropriate. Whatever you choose, the Program Guide will walk you through these various options.

After formative data collection, it has been shown that Emotes books and toys stand solidly on their own, yet can also be used in conjunction with each other to create a cohesive curriculum that fits the particular needs of a child. Choose as many or as few of the books, topics, toys or characters as you feel are relevant to the population with which you work.


As you use this guide, you might:

  • Follow the detailed curriculum consecutively as written.
  • Choose and/or modify certain activities and topics and the timing of their introduction.
  • Highlight one particular social-emotional challenge and use corresponding resources to connect with a child or group of children struggling with that specific challenge.
  • Provide children with a general overview of some of the basic emotions in the emotional spectrum by covering some or all of the proceeding topics through the provided session plans.

As you begin to learn more about the world of Emotes, allow yourself to tap into your own creativity and imagination. Let your knowledge and experience be your guide as you find new ways to bring Emotes alive!